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Dove Sourcing


If you care about the planet and the people in it, we’ve got something in common. Dove is completely committed to creating sustainably and ethically sourced products. That’s why our Responsible Sourcing Policy and Sustainable Agriculture Code means we only work with suppliers who stick to the same high standards we impose on ourselves: from workers’ rights to protecting land rights. We want to have the best possible impact, both on the environment where our products are sourced and on the people who contribute to them. 

Responsibly sourced fragrances

We’re very proud to work with our fragrance house partners Firmenich and Givaudan. Their responsible sourcing and social sustainability programs make sure the naturally-derived ingredients we use are farmed in ways that benefit the local communities where the crops are grown. We make it our business to know the origin of the ingredients that we use — so here are some of those natural ingredients, and exactly where we source them... 

From Haiti: vetiver

Love the refreshing aroma of our Dove Men+Care Cool Fresh Antiperspirant range? That’s vetiver, an oil taken from a plant root. The best quality vetiver comes from Haiti, but while the price of vetiver has increased, the farmers’ access to basic needs is still quite low. That’s why Firmenich has helped to develop a responsible project focusing on social sustainability. This secures our supply while supporting farmers through premium prices and giving improved access to healthcare and education. We’re so proud of this sustainable development.

From Brazil: green mandarin

Used in our caring Nourishing Secrets range, green mandarin is found in Brazil — and that’s where Firmenich has partnered with Biocitrus (a member of Naturals Together) for both exclusive and sustainable sourcing of green mandarin. Reforestation is a huge part of that, which is why Firmenich donated 15,000 native seedlings to be planted on riverbanks, and 3000 new Cai Mandarin trees. It’s a fantastic project that helps to make farming more inclusive and profitable, so that the next generation will be able to stay in the industry — and the environment will benefit, too. It’s crucial that we’re responsible when it comes to material sourcing, and we believe we’re raising the bar.

From Indonesia: patchouli

Patchouli is an ingredient you’ve probably heard of, whether it’s in your perfume or your favorite deodorant. It’s an ingredient we use across many Dove products, including our iconic Dove Original Antiperspirant Deodorant fragrance. A staple ingredient needs a sustainable supply chain, which is just what Givaudan’s Sourcing for Shared Value approach is helping to create. They source the raw material close to its origin which gives us greater transparency and traceability of the supply chain and ensures they can build trust and solid relationships with the local small holder producers. Givaudan has had its own collection network in the Island of Sulawesi since 2013. They buy patchouli oil from hundreds of producers and local suppliers, contributing to a more stable income for the producing communities and making sure we're sticking to socially responsible sourcing. 

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