Dove Let's Change Beauty

Let's Change Beauty

Beauty. One little word – that we’re on a mission to redefine, realign and make beautiful again. We’ve always stood for real beauty that’s unique, diverse and inclusive. And we want a world where beauty is a positive experience for everyone.

That’s why, for the last 30 years, we’ve been taking action alongside our many incredible partners. Together, we’ve been calling time on the narrow beauty standards and harmful stereotypes that have been damaging self-esteem and body confidence, for far too long. 

We’ve made it our mission to:


– Raise self-esteem and boost body confidence in young people


– Break unrealistic beauty standards and help women and non binary individuals redefine beauty, on their own terms


– Only show people as they are, in real life, 100% authentic, 100% unedited and 100% beautiful


– And help end race-based hair discrimination at work, in school and in all areas of life


But there’s more work to do. 

From continuing the fight against unrealistic beauty standards online, to fighting systemic racism and climate change, there are urgent issues we must now face. Beauty still needs to change – and we can’t do it alone. Join us. Let’s change Beauty.

Let’s raise the self-esteem of ¼ billion young people

Our free guides guides help to boost body confidence & self-esteem in young people

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Dove Self-Esteem Project

Let’s end race-based hair discrimination

We're working to make it illegal to discriminate against natural or protective hair textures and styles in the workplace or schools

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Dove The CROWN Act

Let’s stop animal testing

We’re certified Cruelty Free by PETA in recognition of our global commitment to permanently end tests on animals, worldwide.

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Dove No Animal Testing