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There’s confidence in beautiful skin. Which is why our skin care range delivers indulgent care to transform your routine into a pleasure.

Finding the best skin care routine shouldn’t just be about looking after your skin – it should give you a few moments of pure pleasure, too. Because when else do you indulge in me-time other than when you’re smoothing something delicious into your skin? It’s the one time of the day we truly get to reconnect with our bodies and appreciate their beauty. 

Our range of lotions are specially designed to nourish skin, helping leave it looking and feeling beautifully healthy.

Explore the range, and our skin care tips, below.

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A deeply moisturizing body lotion with a coconut and cocoa butter scent, leaving dry skin soft and smooth for 24 hours.
Dove Intense Care Hand Cream provides dry hands with long-lasting care for 48 hours of soft, smooth, and radiant skin.
A deeply soothing hand cream that softens, comforts and moisturizes dry and sensitive skin, for 48 hours of TLC.
A hypoallergenic, fragrance-free body lotion that gently soothes and softens dry and sensitive skin for 48 hours.
A deeply nourishing body lotion that softens, smoothes and restores recurring dry skin with 48 hours of moisture.
A deeply moisturizing body lotion with Restoring Ceramide Serum to soften, smooth and nourish dry skin for 48 hours.

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