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It’s time to give your hair expert care. Dove Love Your Hair is a customized hair care collection that respects your hair with gentle, sulfate-free formulas. This collection delivers tailored care that works in harmony with your unique hair, enhancing its beauty so you can bring out the best in your color, texture, or cut.

Wondering how to make your hair look healthy, based on your hair type? Finding gentle, nourishing hair staples is a great place to start. Our Love Your Hair collection is made of tailored formulas by hair type, so you can choose which one will be good for your hair. Nourishing textured hair, color-treated hair, short, long, and gray hair, these products are infused with special customized ingredients for each hair type (like raw shea butter, vegan omega-3, bamboo extract, and more) and deliver moisture and care. So, you can stop wondering: “how do I take care of my hair?” and give your locks exactly what they need on wash day. The entire collection is designed to help you confidently love and nourish the hair that makes you, you. 

Discover our Love Your Hair collection, read our tips for healthy looking hair, and remember your hair is unique, beautiful, and deserves TLC: tailored, loving care.

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Dove is committed to helping you embrace the hair that makes you, you – and if that means gorgeous grays, we’ve heard you: finding the right care is tough. Click below for our Dove Love Your Silver Specialist Directory to find an expert near you.

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