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The Wizard’s Tale: An eBook about celebrating our differences

The Wizard’s Tale: An eBook about celebrating our differences

Teaching children about diversity in appearance from an early age is so important – that’s why we've created The Wizard’s Tale: A Magical Journey Celebrating Body Confidence, our new eBook all about celebrating our differences and the power of  body confidence.

We are all different. We’re individuals and wonderfully one of a kind – that’s what makes life so interesting and exciting. As adults, we know there’s no singular way to look or be. But it can be hard to believe when we see just one standard of beauty represented in the media. And if it’s hard for us, just imagine the impact that unrealistic beauty standards can have on kids developing self-esteem and body confidence.

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Teaching children about diversity, inclusion and celebrating differences

So if you ask us, it’s never too early to start teaching kids about body image, body inclusivity and respecting our differences. Kids are always learning and exploring – it’s all part of growing up. And as your little ones get older, you might notice them becoming more aware of their bodies and being curious about their appearance. They might start pointing, comparing and asking you why they look different to their friends. They could even start to worry about their appearance , or develop a fear of being different after being teased at school. Research shows that kids as young as three can develop negative attitudes towards others based on their appearance – commenting on things like other children’s weight, skin color and physical abilities*. These negative and often stereotypical attitudes can come from a range of influences, including: the way bodies are portrayed in the media and how their friends and families talk about body differences.

Dove Teaching kids the magic of body confidence

Helping kids discover the power of body confidence 

Stories about inclusion, like our eBook The Wizard’s Tale: A Magical Journey Celebrating Body Confidence, help parents and guardians to teach their kids about diversity and the importance of celebrating and respecting our differences. Specially created to draw upon key themes relating to body confidence in young people, the eBook is evidence-based and written by body image experts – Sigrun Danielsdottir and researchers from the Centre for Appearance Research.

Whisking your kids away on a magical adventure, The Wizard’s Tale: A Magical Journey Celebrating Body Confidence tells the story of Raven, Olivia, Francisco, Sean and Kai – five ‘delightfully different’ friends. Each of them have different hair, eyes and skin color – and their bodies are a range of shapes and sizes. They all have different interests and abilities – but the one thing they have in common is that they’re all amazing at seeing the best in themselves and others. They stumble upon a magic kingdom ruled by a peculiar wizard who doesn’t like difference or variety – so much so, all the flowers and animals in the land are the same. Together, the body confidence buddies show him the beauty of diversity – helping him embrace his own unique features and create new rules for the land: 


1. Body Differences Must Be Respected At All Times!

2. Body Confidence Must Be Supported At All Times!


Some great rules to live by, if you ask us.

So, what are you waiting for? Download our eBook and discover the power of self-acceptance, together. Let’s inspire kids with the confidence to know that they are so much more than what they look like – and magical in their own special way.

  1. *Children’s attitudes and friendship behaviours towards socially stigmatized appearances: Do attitudes vary according to type of difference? Stigma and Health Parnell, J., Williamson, H., Lewis, F., & Slater, A. (2021) 
  2. **“No fat friend of mine”: Young children's responses to overweight and disability. Body Image, 18, 65-73 Harrison, S., Rowlinson, M., & Hill, A. J. (2016)

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