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An expert guide to caring for very dry skin conditions

The skin condition community is one of the most knowledgeable out there – but sometimes it’s still hard to judge a clever tip from an old wives’ tale. So we asked our Research & Development (R&D) team.

Our in-house experts, Vivek and Christy are from our R&D team – and there’s nothing they don’t know about putting together a dry skin care routine. According to their advice, figuring out how to soothe dry skin all starts with understanding your skin’s needs – so if you’re seeing very dry, flaky skin, check out their top five tips below. 

  • 1

    Go mild.

    Dry, scaly skin needs every step of your routine to be as gentle as possible. “Your cleanser choice can make a big difference,” Christy says, “you could use a great body lotion for very dry skin, but if you’re using a really harsh cleansing product, like soap, you’re doing a lot more damage.” Start with a fragrance-free face wash for dry skin – like our low-foaming, moisturizing Dove DermaSeries milky face wash

  • 2

    Hydration, hydration, hydration.

    “Choose products with hydrating ingredients, like glycerin,” says Vivek, “it’s one of the powerhouse ingredients in the industry that works with your skin.” Glycerin leaves very dry, flaky skin feeling soft by holding onto moisture; attracting water from the air into its outer layer. You’ll find this multi-tasker across Dove DermaSeries dry skin relief formulas – including Dove DermaSeries body lotion for eczema-prone skin, our intensive dry skin body lotion

  • 3

    Replenishment is key.

    Your skin has a protective barrier made up of proteins and lipids which help with hydration. In dry skin, this barrier is weaker and loses water fast, so the surface struggles to repair. “Dove DermaSeries products are designed to work with your skin to enhance its ability to fix itself,” Vivek explains. “We’ve incorporated lipids into many of our Dove DermaSeries products, as we believe they’re important in helping to maintain the barrier.” Take our Dove DermaSeries face cream: thanks to stearic acid, a lipid found naturally in the skin, the formula helps to keep your skin’s barrier replenished

  • 4

    Know what's in your products.

    From hypoallergenic to dermatologically-tested – the secret behind how to get rid of flaky skin lies in the label. Fragrance-free is an important watch-out, as perfumes in toiletries can irritate psoriasis or eczema-prone skin. Dove DermaSeries ticks all your boxes to help give your skin the specialized care it needs

  • 5

    Make your routine as enjoyable as possible.

    Dealing with a dry skin care routine day in, day out can become tiring. A dry skin body lotion for eczema or psoriasis often feels “sticky and heavy,” explains Christy, “those are the expectations, but we wanted to change that paradigm. We wanted our products to feel great.” Our fast-absorbing formulas put the ritual back into your dry skin care routine, with rich, creamy formulas you’ll love to use

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