Dove How to bag the best moisturiser

How to bag the best moisturiser

  • Care for your body like your face.
    Care for your body like your face.

    Plenty of us spend time on a face care routine, but our bodies often won’t get the same attention. 

    Dove Body Love Essential Care Body Lotion is formulated with unique ingredients like Ceramide Restoring Serum to give your body the care it deserves, strengthening your skin barrier and locking in moisture for up to 48 hours.

  • Know your skin.
    Know your skin.

    Knowing what you want out of your skin care couldn’t be more important when finding the best moisturiser. Whether you’re after deep nourishment, or you want to restore its elasticity and firmness, it’s the key to providing the right kind of care for your body

  • Enhance skin’s natural abilities.
    Enhance skin’s natural abilities.

    When it comes to choosing the best moisturiser for dry skin, try formulas that enhance your skin’s own natural moisturisers. Body Love Intense Care Body Lotion contains Ceramide Restoring Serum to help your skin create essential ceramides, while the extra-rich formula nourishes deep* into your skin for 48-hour moisturisation. 

    *Within the stratum corneum

  • Go fragrant.
    Go fragrant.

    Whether you love the soft scent of vanilla or prefer light, floral fragrances, choose a moisturiser that smells exactly how you want to. If you prefer an indulgent fragrance, try our Body Love Restoring Care Body Lotion. The creamy coconut and almond milk scent helps transform moisturising into a moment of self-care.

  • Nourish dry areas.
    Nourish dry areas.

    Some parts of the body can get dry easily – feet, knees and elbows are frequent culprits. If you’re nodding in recognition, keep a deeply nourishing moisturiser in your beauty arsenal to give those areas extra attention when they need it

  • Add firmness.
    Add firmness.

    Look out for moisturisers that improve skin elasticity and restore firmness while improving skin texture and softness

    *within the statum corneum

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