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Dove Feel fabulous with firmer skin

Feel fabulous with firmer skin

Beautiful, firm skin has the power to transform not just the way we look, but the way we feel. We’re serious – if we could relive that feeling of walking out of a spa every time we leave the house, with skin glowing, firm and nourished, we would. And when the products you’re using allow you to recreate the indulgence of a spa, you get to live that just-left-the-spa feeling every single day (which does wonders for your mental wellbeing). On board? We thought so! And luckily, firmer skin’s within your reach with the right skin firming lotions and tips to go with it… 

  • Dove firmer skin

    Give skin its bounce back.    

    Try pinching the skin on the back of your hand to see how fast it springs back. Over time, skin can lose some of its elasticity, and stops springing back so fast, so at some point it might need some help.

  • Dove shower

    Shorten your shower. 

    Your skin has a lipid barrier that helps it protect itself, but prolonged exposure to water can damage it. A quick, refreshing shower in warm water will stop it from melting away, helping to protect the barrier that retains your skin’s moisture. And hydrated skin is plump, firm skin

  • Dove moisturiser

    Face facts.

    Ever consider using your facial moisturiser on your body? Now you don’t have to: our DermaSpa range uses our Cell-Moisturisers®. Based on our knowledge of facial skin care technology, it delivers the latest in dermatological advances, but for the body

  • Dove body oil DermaSpa Uplifted+ Satin Smooth Roll On

    Get a refill. 

    The key to putting elasticity and firmness back into skin is moisture. Dove DermaSpa Goodness3 Body Cream melts into skin, leaving it feeling moisturised and plumped up 

  • Dove skin care

    Stay sun-safe.

    UVA rays from the sun lead to photoageing, and this damage can cause a loss of collagen (which keeps your skin plumped up and looking firm). So using SPF, covering up or staying out of the sun when it’s strongest will help keep your skin firm and smooth longer


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