Dove Feel fabulous with firmer skin

Feel fabulous with firmer skin

  • Give skin its bounce back.
    Give skin its bounce back.

    Try pinching the skin on the back of your hand to see how fast it springs back. Over time, skin can lose some of its elasticity, and stops springing back so fast, so at some point it might need some help.

  • Shorten your shower.
    Shorten your shower.

    Your skin has a lipid barrier that helps it protect itself, but prolonged exposure to water can damage it. A quick, refreshing shower in warm water will stop it from melting away, helping to protect the barrier that retains your skin’s moisture. And hydrated skin is plump, firm skin

  • Show your body some love.
    Show your body some love.

    A lot of us put time and effort into our face care routines – but make sure you give your body the same attention. Our Body Love Essential Care Body Lotion will give you skin care benefits in a body moisturiser, with a unique Ceramide Restoring Serum helping to soften and restore the skin on your body. 

  • Maximise moisture.
    Maximise moisture.

    The key to improved skin elasticity and firmness is moisture. Especially important if your skin’s on the dry side, make sure you replenish moisture regularly to keep it feeling hydrated and plumped up. We love our Rich Nourishment Body Cream to replenish your skin from deep down.*

    *Within the stratum corneum

  • Stay sun-safe.
    Stay sun-safe.

    UVA rays from the sun lead to photoageing, and this damage can cause a loss of collagen (which keeps your skin plumped up and looking firm). So using SPF, covering up or staying out of the sun when it’s strongest will help keep your skin firm and smooth longer


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