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Clemmie’s story: ‘Other women help me feel fierce’

After years spent struggling with her weight, creative director Clemmie’s journey to accepting her body started once she realised its strength. Inspired by the women around her, she’s now using social media to help others feel just as confident.

I’m actually comfortable with being fairly naked… but that isn’t to say that I don’t look in the mirror and criticise myself. I’m really trying to change that – for myself, first of all, but secondly, I’m trying to change that for women in general. Because it’s got to change. 

Clemmie’s story: ‘Other women help me feel fierce’
My beauty is fierce because… it’s real. – Clemmie Telford Photo by: @oceantaylor_photography

My weight has fluctuated all my life. You’re just always looking to be smaller. Everything makes you feel like you should aspire for something different. The grass is always greener. But the biggest catalyst for me was having two kids. Knowing that your body has grown two humans is the biggest miracle, and it completely changes the way you look at it – because the areas where I’m wobblier than I’d like to be are the areas where I’ve grown my boys. 

To me, social media shows you what actual women look like. Even though we know about photoshopping and unrealistic expectations, it still seeps into so many of us. So being confronted by more realistic images does make a difference. It helps to see through other people’s eyes; we don’t realise how quick we are to judge ourselves. I’m worrying about how my stomach looks, and actually other people are saying, “Wow, you’ve got nice legs!” Everyone’s looking at something different. 

Someone who believes in themselves is so fierce, to me. That could be a single mum, or it could just be someone who takes themselves out of their comfort zone. That’s why this Warrior Women project is so great! We need to learn to love who we are – and all the women who do that inspire me. 

I think that real beauty is when you’re in your most natural form. And that’s why my beauty is fierce – because it’s real.

Discover more about Clemmie’s body acceptance journey through her Instagram account @clemmie_telford. 

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