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Victoria’s Fierce Reflections: ‘This is my body’

Meet blogger Victoria – she took her beauty journey into her own hands. Deciding to face her body insecurities head on, she drew inspiration from her friends, family and social media to build her confidence. 

I had been insecure for as long as I can remember. I always thought I was ‘too this…’ or ‘too that…’ I questioned my curly hair, my freckles, the colour of my skin. All of this constant worrying added up to me not feeling very confident in myself. 

Victoria’s Fierce Reflections: ‘This is my body’
My beauty is fierce because… I feel worthy of confidence. I deserve to tell myself that I’m worthy of being beautiful. – Victoria Sutton Photo by: @angeladennisphoto

One day, I decided to battle these insecurities by sharing how I was feeling with a couple of friends. I started crying, but they just could not believe that I didn’t have good self-esteem. And, this gave me a moment of clarity because I understood it was all in my head. It was just this voice, a chatterbox, suggesting ‘I’m this and that’, but actually it was complete nonsense. This changed things – it’s when I realised I need to accept we’re all different. I 

Like my mum. She just rocks it! She’s always told me to be comfortable with who I am. When I hear her words of wisdom I’m like ‘Yes, mum! That is how I need to be.

The Instagram community inspires me too. I intentionally choose who to follow, because I want to be exposed to photos of real women who are honest about their bodies. It makes me feel I can do it. I mean the revelation that everyone has cellulite – how am I only just getting to know that at my age? I’ve been worrying about it, but actually everybody’s got it! 

After the Warrior Woman photoshoot I felt like I looked incredible – and normally I wouldn’t be brave enough to say that. But I feel confident because everyone involved embraced exactly who they are. It’s that kind of camaraderie that makes you feel empowered. I shouldn’t listen to that inner critic: I am incredible, I am powerful. 

Discover more about Victoria’s beauty journey through her Instagram account @victorialilysutton.  

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