Five tips to feeling beautifully confident

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  • Get comfortable
    Get comfortable

    Sometimes, beauty confidence can be found in something as simple as a starting your day comfortable. ‘I work in the creative industries – a lot of people would wear a pair of heels, but I actually put on a pair of trainers to feel my most comfortable,’ says Clemmie. ‘I like that fact that I can just get where I’m going!’ Wear what works for you, and you’ll feel ready to tackle anything – even if that’s your oldest trainers

  • Stand out from the crowd.
    Stand out from the crowd.

    Have you ever fallen in love with a bright neon skirt – then hidden it in the back of your closet? Time to bring it into your rotation: taking a step out of your comfort zone by wearing something more daring can feel empowering. “Being different makes me feel fierce,” says Samantha. “I love pushing the boundaries with stuff that I wear. Why shouldn’t I wear top-to-toe flowers or whatever?” Dare to be different – and unlock confidence you never knew you had

  • Find out what fits (and get rid of what doesn’t).
    Find out what fits (and get rid of what doesn’t).

    Are you finding it hard to keep your wardrobe closed, but still feel like you have nothing to wear? If that bright skirt or fluffy jumper doesn’t fit anymore, it could be time to let go altogether. “I think all of us save clothes that we once loved, but having clothes that you’re comfortable in is so much better,” says Steph. Say goodbye to panic in front of the wardrobe; and hello to feeling beautiful, stylish and confident in a flash

  • Stay positive.
    Stay positive.

    For blogger Natalie, keeping a positive attitude can be the key to self-confidence. “On social media, every day I would post a challenge to try and boost confidence: like looking in a mirror and writing down three things you like about what you see, so that you focus on those instead.” Writing down positive thoughts about yourself and placing them where you might feel negative – like a post-it note on a mirror – can help to give you a body image boost, just when you need it.

  • Open up to your friends.
    Open up to your friends.

    There’s a reason why confiding in your best friends can make you feel more beautiful (and confident) than ever. Opening up to people can make you see a completely different side of yourself – in a great way, just like it did for Victoria. “I just shared with a couple of friends how I was feeling – and they could not believe that I didn’t have very good self-esteem. I think that just gave me a moment of clarity, and helped me realise it was all in my head.” 

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