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Dove Men+Care

Dove Men+Care Mission

If you ask us, there’s no such thing as a typical man. That’s why Dove Men+Care celebrates men as they really are. Multi-faceted. Strong. And caring.

Our campaigns demonstrate just that, featuring a diverse range of men who all have one thing in common: their ability to care, and the strength that comes with it.

Caring Makes My Dad, My Hero

Some call them dads – we call them heroes. Because dads go the extra mile to help make their child’s dreams come true – the big, the small and all the others in between. No superpowers necessary. Because when you’re a dad, you’ll always be a hero to someone. 

Care Makes A Man Stronger

We believe the strongest men are those who care, and show it. As dads, they stop tears, spark smiles and provide a reassuring hand. As men, they show that care makes them – and the people around them – stronger. What does #RealStrength mean to you?

Care Makes A Man Stronger
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