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Dove Beauty Bias

#BeautyBias - height

We all know society has very set ideas of what it means to be beautiful – and it goes far beyond what we can control. Height, weight, hair, age, looks: all these things factor into how we perceive a person’s beauty. But most importantly, these outside factors affect how we judge people on the inside, too – and the effects go deeper than you might think.

We’ve teamed up with Broadly to create a series of films that delve into how beauty standards and bias affect every aspect of our lives, from our careers to our social lives. Check out the films below and let us know: what does #BeautyBias mean to you?

Beauty standards of height are a form of bias #BeautyBias

Height always seems to be one of the things you can have too much or too little of. Too tall. Too short. We know beauty has no height limit – but that’s not what many of you have experienced. In fact, your height is apparently one of the strongest indicators of not just how beautiful and feminine you are, but how much respect you command. Broadly’s Kettie Jean took to the streets to discover just how much this #BeautyBias affects every aspect of our lives.

Dove Beauty Bias Height
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