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Dove Our partners

Our Partners

We’ve partnered with some of the most inspiring and impactful organisations from around the world to help tackle self-esteem and body confidence issues.

To help us do that, we seek out and work with partners who really get it. They know and work with girls and young women every day and are as passionate as we are about creating a world free from beauty-related anxieties.

School Kit

School Kit creates cross-curricular teaching resources that provide compelling student-centred learning opportunities. We’ve partnered with School Kit to build the My Self Confidence kit which explores strategies to equip students with the tools they need to help them build resilience, in and out of the classroom. Together we want to ensure young people develop coping strategies, empathy and a sense of positive self-worth.

Girl Guides New Zealand

Girl Guides New Zealand is one of the largest organisations in New Zealand for girls and young women. It provides leadership and personal skills development to its members. As a partner, Girl Guides engages its leaders to run the Free Being Me self-esteem workshop.

Together we’re doing whatever it takes to put a stop to beauty-related anxieties. Want to help? Explore our self-esteem toolkits and resources, and join us in the battle against low self-esteem.