Our favorite heat-free hairstyles

Our favorite heat-free hairstyles

  • 1
    The messy bun.

    Styling hair without heat doesn’t have to be complicated. So, we thought we’d kick things off with a classic for whenever your hair is a little unruly. A messy bun is ideal for heat-damaged hair (especially if you use a loose hair tie or scrunchie) as it’s gentle on your locks. Whether your hair is fresh from a wash with our Daily Moisture range or you’re working with day two or three locks, you can embrace your hair’s unique texture, without having to worry about it looking ‘perfect’

  • 2
    The topsy tail.

    Similar to a basic ponytail, with a little extra something. A few easy steps create the illusion of a much more technical look. Once you’ve done a normal ponytail, shimmy the hair tie down slightly and loosely split the hair above the tie into equal halves. Loop the ponytail through the gap inbetween, and you’re good to go – you’ve completed the challenge of how to style hair without heat

  • 3
    The natural curls.

    If you’re blessed with naturally curly hair – we’ve got you covered. It’s usually easiest to style a few days after a wash, so to keep it volumized without any heat, tie in a high, loose bun while you sleep. It’ll be perfect in the morning

  • 4
    The braided bun.

    Take your look from casual to classy by braiding your hair and wrapping it into a low bun. The braid adds an extra element to this simple staple, giving it a formal twist – all while protecting hair from heat

  • 5
    The overnight waves.

    Dreaming of heatless curls? We’re here to help you understand how to curl hair without heat. One of the easiest ways is with the belt of your bathrobe – who would’ve thought? Once you’ve washed your hair with Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner, place the belt over your head like a hairband. Then, braid each side of your hair around the belt, so you’re left with two pigtails with the dressing gown rope running through them. – By morning, your hair will be nice and wavy with minimal effort. What’s not to love?

  • 6
    The milkmaid braid.

    And now for the last of our favorite heat-free hairstyles. With two standard braids wrapped on top of your head, a milkmaid braid is a beautifully easy way to wear your hair up. To achieve this look, section your hair down the middle and loosely braid both sides. Then, pin each braid over the top of your head towards the opposite side – the two braids will sit next to each other perfectly. And here’s an extra tip – this works best on unwashed hair, so don’t worry if your locks aren’t feeling too fresh