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The Dove Real Beauty Pledge

  • 1
    Real: We always feature real women as they truly are

    We value the real beauty of all women. Our content will keep beauty real: free of digital and AI distortion, and unrealistic beauty standards of any kind. 

    We promise to:

    • never use AI imagery in place of real women
    • never use digital distortion and present the unachievable, manipulated, flawless images of “perfect” beauty which the use of retouching tools can promote
    • never use professional models or celebrities to portray real women
  • 2
    Diversity: We strive to represent the diversity of all women

    We believe in authentically representing our diverse community, including those who are often unseen and unheard. We feature women of different ages, sizes, ethnicities, abilities, genders, hair colour, hair type and style.

    We promise that:

    • our diversity work is never done
    • our campaigns will continue to reflect the evolution of our diverse community globally and in each country, including its intersections
    • we will remain vigilant on inclusivity of the under-represented
  • 3
    Autonomy: We uphold a woman’s vision of her own beauty

    We believe that each woman gets to ​define what Real Beauty means to them, so we always share women's authentic stories and voices.

    We promise to:

    • introduce women by their real names
    • ensure women have control over how they dress, how they portray their beauty and how they tell their own story
    • ensure all images and stories are approved by the women featured
  • 4
    Body confidence: We build body confidence and self-esteem

    We believe that a positive relationship with the way you look starts early, lasts a lifetime and is something you can learn at any age. We take action to help generations of girls and women grow their body confidence and self-esteem.

    The Dove Self-Esteem Project has:

    • made Dove the leading provider of self-esteem education
    • reached over 100 million young people, raising their self-esteem to realise their full potential
    • an ambition to educate ¼ billion young people around the world on body confidence and self-esteem by 2030
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