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  • Why is social media important to young people?
    Why is social networking so important to young people? Explore the positive and negative effects of social media, and why it can cause loss of self-esteem
    Average read time: 5mins read

    Arguably the biggest difference between our own teenage years and those of our children, social media is here to stay. So how do we help our young people use it in a positive way?

  • Body talk: the power of words for a positive body image
    Do you often make negative comments about your weight or appearance? What's the impact on your child? Find out how to fight fat talk and build self-esteem.
    Average read time: 7mins read

    Talking about our bodies is like an unwritten rule in female friendship – many of us do it constantly and automatically: "I feel fat in these jeans," "I’ve put on so much weight," or "Gosh, my skin looks awful today." Talking about your looks might seem like a way to bond with your child and friends, but it’s worth considering what effect it could have. 

  • Confident Me – single session
    Educational materials looking at the media's influence on body image and self-esteem, with videos, presentations and worksheets to help build young people's body confidence
    Average read time: 3mins read

    Teacher resources for our single session Dove Confident Me programme – all you need to run a one-off body-confidence workshop.

  • Confident Me – five sessions
    Teaching materials on body-image and the media – activities, videos and worksheets to help boost young people's body confidence and improve their self-esteem
    Average read time: 3mins read

    Our Confident Me body-confidence teaching materials explore influences on young people's body image and self-esteem. 

  • Puberty in girls: help your daughter through the transition to womanhood
    Worried about how to guide your daughter through body changes in puberty? Our puberty facts, advice and tips will help her through the transition to womanhood
    Average read time: 10mins read

    The ups and downs of growing up can leave parents confused, and their daughters bewildered. Every girl’s experience of puberty is different, but this tumultuous time can be easier if you understand what's going on beneath the surface.

  • How does social media affect teens?
    What's the impact of social media on youth? Find out what teens think about their own social media use, and get tips to help kids use social networks positively.
    Average read time: 8mins read

    Social media issues permeate every aspect of a young person’s life these days, whether it’s revealing TMI (Too Much Info) about their boyfriend or girlfriend on Snapchat, having public spats with their BFF (Best Friend Forever) on Twitter or inadvertently inviting gatecrashers by posting party details on Facebook. 

  • Women in the media: give the stereotypes a makeover
    Explore the portrayal of women in media with your daughter, and together give the stereotypes a makeover to help her become more media-savvy and body confident
    Average read time: 7mins read

    Worried that all your daughter ever sees in magazines and on screen are unrealistic images of ‘perfect’ women? Our fun activity plan will let you both give the stereotypes a makeover.

  • Confident Me training videos
    Find out more about how to present our Confident Me workshops.
    Average read time: 4mins read
  • The Dove Self-Esteem Project: Our Mission In Action
    Find out how the Dove Self-Esteem Project is helping young people reach their full potential by delivering quality body confidence and self-esteem education.
    Average read time: 2mins read

    It's a shocking fact that eight out of 10 girls are so concerned about body image that they opt out of important life activities. 

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