Self-tan lotions and moisturisers

Self-tan lotions and moisturisers

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    Prepare your skin.

    If you’re planning on any body hair removal, do it at least 24 hours before you want to start applying your tanning lotion. Shaving makes your skin extra sensitive and the last thing you want is a rash distracting from your perfectly golden legs

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    Exfoliation is really important pre-tanning: getting rid of dead skin means the pigment in your tanner won’t be able to cling to it and then flake off. You’ll have a much longer lasting colour (and no patchy bits)

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    Moisturise and tan.

    For the best, most even coverage, moisturising is key, but that’s even easier when your tanning lotion already is a moisturiser. The easiest way to build up the ultimate glow is to use a moisturiser like Dove Summer Glow Gradual Self Tan Body Lotion with gradual tanners for radiant, pampered skin

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    Pick the right shade.

    For a natural-looking summer glow, use a gradual tan moisturiser that matches your skin tone. Dove Summer Glow Gradual Self Tan Body Lotion comes in two shades: for fair to medium skin and for medium to dark skin so you can pick a shade more tailored to you

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    Prevent streaking.

    The best way to apply self-tanners is to use large, circular movements to rub it in – this’ll keep the colour from streaking and give you an even, natural finish

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    Let it set.

    Try to give your lotion at least half an hour to sink in before you get dressed – this’ll give it a chance to really settle into your skin and give you a nice, even finish