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Dove Body Polish

Dove Body Polish

Whipped, rich and fragrant, Dove Body Polish nourishes your skin as it exfoliates, so you’re left feeling soft and smooth after every shower. 

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Few things feel better than soft, smooth skin. You may have tried a lot of body scrubs to get it – but if you ask us, the secret to how to get smooth skin is a creamy touch and deep nourishment. That’s where Dove Body Polish comes in.


With a whipped texture and indulgent scents, our range of body exfoliators leaves your skin renewed and nourished all at once. Enriched with our unique ¼ moisturizing cream, our body polish gives a creamy coverage to buff away dull, dry skin, while nourishing the new layer underneath too. 


From cooling aloe to uplifting, fresh fruits, there’s a selection of beautiful scents to choose from. Discover a new kind of body polishing and explore the range below.

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Dove Body Polish

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