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Dove Self-Care and Confidence for Kids

Self-care and confidence for kids

A self-care routine isn't just for parents craving a little "me time". Kids, no matter their age, need time to refresh and recharge too. And why is self-care important for kids? It gives kids a chance to try activities that can help them relax, explore new interests, and build self-esteem over time.

We believe that kids deserve to shine. It’s never too early to teach kids the power of self-care, so that they can reach their full potential. Self-care and confidence go hand in hand – that’s why self-care for children is an important step towards developing a positive relationship with themselves, and the world around them.

Now, you may be wondering: “but what is self-care for kids?” Self-care can be something as comforting as reading for 15 minutes before bedtime, as fun as bubbly bath time, or something more challenging like trying a new hobby to make new friends. No matter what activities they choose, self-care can help build confidence for kids – at home, at school, and in all areas of life. The more you encourage “me time” in your little ones’ routine, the more they will grow to love who they are.

Self-care includes skin care, too. From a young age, setting aside time in your kid’s day to give their skin the care it needs can help them feel more positive about themselves. That’s why we created Dove Kids Care – to be part of their new routine. So, if you’ve been researching how to build self-confidence in a child, this can be your first step. The range has colorful, caring products with gentle formulas, fun fragrances and playful textures to take kids on a journey of self-care.

And that’s not all – every Dove Kids Care bottle comes with a positive affirmation on it for kids to say as part of their routine. Great for teaching children to be kind to themselves, these affirmations will help kids speak to themselves with kindness. So, they can discover the power that comes from self-care, and all the confidence it can bring.