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Dove An introduction to skin microbiome

An introduction to skin microbiome from Dove

Microbiome, microbes, skin flora they might be unfamiliar terms, but they’re as easy to understand as they are important. And despite being invisible to the naked eye, they certainly shouldn’t be overlooked as they help support healthy looking and beautiful skin! So, we’re here to answer your biggest questions about your ‘skin microbiome’ – the outer living protective layer  on your skin.

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    So, what is skin microbiome? 

    Just like your gut, your skin is home to a community of billions of friendly living microorganisms, also known as skin flora. This community is called skin microbiome. Think of it as an invisible eco-system that lives on the skin that’s working to help keep it looking healthy and in good condition.

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    What makes your microbiome so interesting?

    To start, it’s unique to you – just like a fingerprint. Some parts are similar in everyone, but others are defined by factors that are personal to you. These include genetics and life style, like where you live, what you eat and even if you have pets. And your skin microbiome is different all over your body, too – from your face to your underarms to your legs.

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    How does the microbiome benefit your skin?

    If you’re wondering what your skin microbiome does from day-to-day, the answer is: a lot. Your microbiome makes important contributions to your skin barrier. It also produces skin nutrients, and essential skin lipids. And, while details are still emerging, science has shown differences between the microbiome in dry and normal skin. Basically, your skin microbiome makes an important contribution to the things that make your skin feel and look healthier.

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    What happens when your microbiome is out of balance?

    When the microbial balance is disturbed, you may not see a noticeable difference. But the microbiome may function less effectively, offering less support to the skin.

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    How can a body wash help care for your skin microbiome? 

    Two words: Gentle Cleansing. Because being gentle to the microbiome starts with being gentle to the skin. That means using products that respect the skin’s pH and its microbiome while you wash. We’ve got you covered. All Dove Bodywashes are 100% gentle cleanser, sulfate free, and are as mild to skin pH as water. So you’ll get beautifully nourished, soft skin, while respecting your skin’s microbiome.