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5 hand sanitizer myths: debunked

Is hand sanitizer good for you? Can it nourish your skin? Whether you’ve read an article online or heard a friend’s review, it can be tricky to separate the hand sanitizer myths from the hand hygiene facts. This antibacterial essential gets a bad rep for zapping the moisture from your hands, leaving them feeling dry. Introducing: Dove Nourishing Hand Sanitizer. The latest addition to the Dove family, to debunk all the myths about hand sanitizer you might have heard…

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    They are not effective against germs. 

    You’ve got one question: “is hand sanitizer good at what it does?” Hand sanitizer is effective at killing germs and harmful bacteria. Just apply and rub until dry

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    You’ll need to moisturize after.

    Does hand sanitizer dry out your hands? Dove Nourishing Hand Sanitizer moisturizes your skin for up to eight hours after applying – all thanks to our caring formula. Made with Moisture Renew Blend and skin-natural nutrients, you can count on our formulas to leave your skin feeling soft, without compromising on its antibacterial effectiveness

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    All sanitizers are the same.

    Although all sanitizers are effective at killing germs, Dove Nourishing Hand Sanitizer gel uses a unique moisturizing formula. Our sanitizers meet Health Canada and CDC recommended alcohol levels and use naturally-derived alcohol, with the added benefit of moisturizing your skin for eight hours

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    They smell too clinical.

    You want your hand sanitizers to be made with alcohol, but not to smell like it. That’s where we come in. You can now choose beautifully-scented hand sanitizers in classic Deep Moisture or indulgent Shea Butter & Warm Vanilla. This is a hand sanitizer gel you can enjoy applying over and over again

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    They leave your hands feeling sticky.

    It just takes one bad formula to start a whole host of hand sanitizer myths. Like hand sanitizers that suds up on your hands or leave your hands feeling sticky (long after you’ve finished rubbing it in). Not only are Dove hand sanitizers silky to apply, they leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.