How to treat dry hair

How to treat dry hair

  • 1
    The power of oils.

    If you haven’t discovered the joys of hair oil yet, now’s the time. Just a few drops of Oil can help nourish dry hair, leaving it touchably soft and visibly shiny

  • 2
    Progressive nourishment.

    When it comes to conditioner, use the richest one you can find. For very dry hair, Dove Nourishing Oil Care Daily Treatment Conditioner is great, giving all the power of a hair mask in a minute. Plus its non-greasy formula works progressively, for hair that looks and feels better over time

  • 3
    Damage protection.

    Dry hair is vulnerable to damage, so try to use a deep conditioning mask a few times a week to keep your strands nourished and protected 

  • 4
    Heat protection.

    As a simple dry hair treatment, when heat styling, make sure you take good care of your locks: use a low heat setting and always use a heat protection spray

  • 5
    UV defence.

    And talking of heat, the sun can dry out our hair, too – keep it protected with a leave-in conditioner containing UV filters

  • 6
    Omega 3.

    What you eat can have a huge effect on dry hair – including Omega 3 fatty acid-rich foods like oily fish could help top up your hair’s oil reserves