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Dove Embrace your hair texture with our Crown Collection

How to embrace your curls with our Crown Collection

Embracing the freedom to wear your hair texture however you choose can play a key role in elevating your hair care journey. That’s why our Crown Collection is specially designed to give your hair expert, tailored care – so you can level-up your curly hair routine, embrace your natural hair and wear your crown with pride.

The invisible natural hair rules

While most women may face pressure to conform to certain appearance and hair standards, society’s bias has resulted in unfair judgment and discrimination against Black women, based on natural hair texture and protective hairstyles that are inherent to their culture. Laws in many U.S. states still don't protect people from race-based hair discrimination, even if their hairstyle is inherent to their racial identity. So, Black women can sometimes be denied opportunities for employment or professional advancement without consequence, and Black children can often be denied entry to school or educational opportunities because of their natural textured hair. That’s why we co-founded the CROWN Coalition: to advance anti-hair discrimination legislation called The CROWN Act. The CROWN Act, which stands for Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair, is a law that pushes back against these invisible hair standards, and prohibits race-based hair discrimination.


Redefining beauty on your own terms

There’s power in redefining beauty on your own terms. Why? Because you should never have to hide or change yourself to fit somebody else’s ideal. Black women's hair can be a form of self-expression and a symbol of culture represented by many different textures – from curly to coily, wavy, or straight. We want to help people figure out how to take care of curly hair in a way that suits them, and encourage everyone to love the natural texture of hair that's unique to them.


Understanding your hair’s needs

When you choose to embrace your natural hair, understanding its needs will help you highlight the beauty of your unique texture. So, if you’ve been wondering how to improve hair texture, we’ve got just the thing. Whether you have wavy hair, curly hair or coily hair – our CROWN Collection will help give you the expert care it deserves. Every staple in the range goes beyond visible hair repair, and protects the natural moisture barrier of melanin rich scalps – from a conditioner for curly hair, to a nourishing scalp serum. Containing a range of expert skin care ingredients, our collection makes caring for curly hair and coily hair easy by addressing both the visible signs and the root cause of damage, helping to prevent breakage when detangling and styling. 

Discover the collection here and embrace the beauty of your natural hair.