Why is my hair dry?

Why is my hair dry?

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    Restore and replenish hair. The all-important first step.

    So, you’re dealing with dry hair, but if your number one concern is “Why are ends of my hair so dry,” it’s important to make sure you take the right steps to effectively restore and replenish your strands.

    Switching your regular shampoo and conditioner for products that deeply nourish your hair will make a big difference. Try Dove Strength & Fullness Boost Shampoo and Conditioner to nourish your hair at a cellular level,* while helping to visibly restore thickness and fullness.  

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    Select the right styling products.

    When picking the right products to combat any dryness, it’s essential to pick one that will add moisture to your strands rather than stripping it out – particularly during styling. Dove 7-in-1 Miracle Mist is a leave-in spray with amino serum to nourish and untangle your hair, so it’s perfect for styling dry hair. With seven multitasking benefits, it also helps repair damage, reduce frizz and add shine.

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    Be gentle.

    Do you find yourself often wondering “What can you do for dry hair,” or “Why does my hair feel dry?” This could be caused if you’re too rough with your hair. Being gentle on your strands is another essential tip that can help eliminate this problem.

    So many of us love curling or blow drying our hair, but giving your strands a much needed break does so much good. We know it may seem hard, but avoiding hot tools and allowing your hair to air dry for a committed period of time is one of the best ways to help repair your strands.

    When it comes to breakage and being rough with your hair, did you know those trendy high ponytails could be doing more harm than good? Tying your hair up in a tight ponytail is another factor that leads to breakage. This happens where the elastic is wrapped around your hair, especially if the hair is dry or fragile.

    So, we’ve finally got down to the bottom of your burning question: “Why is my hair dry?” By using the right wash and care system, replenishing techniques, and being gentle with your strands, you’ll be on your way to healthy-looking hair.

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