The science and story behind Dove

The science and story behind Dove RE+AL Bio-Mimetic Care

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    Sustainable hair care at home

    Beauty shopping is often a trade-off between hardworking hair care and considering the planet. Well, thankfully Dove RE+AL Bio-Mimetic Care’s 100% biodegradable formula* is free from sulfates***, silicones and parabens, and comes in a bottle that’s recyclable and made from 100% recycled plastic. Additionally, our Bio-Mimetic Care range is vegan and Dove is PETA Approved, meaning we do not test on animals anywhere in the world*******. This is where nature and science collide, incorporating hard-working plant-derived ingredients that care for damaged hair.

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    Breakthrough Bio-Mimetic Care

    Our first Dove Bio–Mimetic technology is clever hair care at its best. Using nature-derived oils that mimic the natural oil in your hair, it imitates the hair’s natural protective process. Our range is infused with plant-derived vegan keratin, which is equivalent to your hair’s own protein but made from a plant-derived formula.

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    Dove RE+AL Bio-Mimetic Repair range

    Damaged hair? This silicone-free hair care range is your savior. Powered by 100% nature-derived active oils including coconut oil and moringa oil, the range deeply penetrates damaged strands and makes hair look beautiful from the outside. Wave goodbye to weak and brittle hair with Dove RE+AL Bio-Mimetic Care Repair Coconut + Vegan Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner – the radically different damage solution that’s scented with zesty orange, lemongrass and lime. You’ll love that these give you 7x stronger hair**** when used together.

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    Dove RE+AL Bio-Mimetic Revolumize range

    Call off your search for thicker-looking hair. Dove RE+AL Bio-Mimetic Revolumize range is the plant-powered hair care that adds oomph to flat and fine hair. It leaves hair up to 3x more voluminous***** when you use the Revolumize Coconut + Vegan Collagen Shampoo and Conditioner together, so use these sulfate-free hair care*** essentials to help restore lost nutrients and visibly add volume to hair. Get ready to swish your new strands and feel the most confident you.

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    Dove RE+AL Bio-Mimetic Resist range

    Your hair deserves the best health now and in the future. That’s why aiming to strengthen hair should be on your to-do list today. Thankfully, Dove RE+AL Bio-Mimetic Care Resist collection does this by nourishing hair and being 7x resistant to breakage ******. Use our Resist Coconut + Vegan Elastin Shampoo followed by the Resist Coconut + Vegan Elastin Conditioner for a paraben-free hair care duo that protects weak strands and delivers long-lasting, visibly healthy hair.