Men+Care Dual Sided Shower Tool

Two levels of scrubbing power give an even deeper clean, for healthy feeling skin.


• Two levels of scrubbing power

• Build the perfect amount of lather

• Buffs and exfoliates skin

• Easy to grip and hang

• For best results, use with Dove Men+Care Body Wash

• Replace every 4-6 weeks

Ensure a deeper clean during every shower with Men+Care Dual Sided Shower Tool. The best exfoliator allows different levels of power. With a mesh side to build up a thick cleansing lather and a scrub side to exfoliate, the Dove Men+Care shower tool delivers just that. It provides a strong scrubbing action unachievable with just hands.

A powerful body exfoliator, this men’s shower tool works with body wash for impressive results. With effective scrubbing power and ergonomic hold, this body exfoliator tool makes achieving a deeper clean efficient and simple. 

Get clean and actively tackle dryness with the Men+Care Dual Sided Shower Tool, for healthy looking skin. 

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