Dove Glowing Body Wash with Mango and Almond Butter

Indulge your senses and reveal radiant skin with this mango and almond butter body wash.

325 ml

•Dove Glowing Body Wash helps you rediscover glowing skin

•Dove Moisture Renew Blend helps renew skin’s natural moisture

•Juicy scent of mango and almond brightens your senses 

•Body wash for dry skin nourishes your skin deeply 

•Sulfate-free Dove body wash is gentle to skin’s microbiome

•#1 dermatologist recommended body wash brand
If you’re looking to discover radiant skin, Dove Glowing Body Wash is made for you. Made with mango butter and almond butter, this gentle cleanser for dry skin wraps you in a juicy, creamy fragranced lather – giving you a moment of pampering with every use. 

Want to know the secret to glowing skin? Body wash that gives you lasting nourishment is the answer. Blended with our Moisture Renew Blend, naturally-derived gentle cleansers and plant-based moisturizer, this sulfate-free formula helps to renew your skin’s natural moisture. Plus, it’s gentle on your microbiome – skin’s outer living protective layer.

The perfect body wash for soft skin, this double butter formula with mango and almond butter works to nourish skin deeply – so that you step out the shower with skin that feels touchably soft and looks renewed. Radiant skin? You always knew you had it. 

•Revealing your glowing skin 
Our Glowing Body Wash blends all the care you know and love from Dove with a unique double butter formula. As it cleanses, this almond and mango body wash nourishes deep into your skin, providing moisture that lasts – leaving you to enjoy your glow all day long. 

•Transforming your bathroom into a tropical escape
Indulge your senses with the luscious scent of our Glowing Body Wash. Blended with mango butter and almond butter, this paraben-free body wash works into a creamy lather over your skin, and fills your bathroom with a fruity, smooth fragrance. 

•A moisture boost for dry skin
Nurturing glowing, radiant skin is easy when you know how. Our Glowing Body Wash works to renew your skin’s natural moisture with our Moisture Renew Blend – all the while staying gentle to your microbiome.

Squeeze a generous amount of this body wash for soft skin into your palms. Spread the rich formula all over your body and allow this mango and almond body wash to get to work. Take a moment to enjoy the fragrance, before rinsing away with warm water to reveal soft, glowing skin.

There’s nothing like a hot shower to help take the day off, but it can sometimes damage your skin. High temperatures can strip away your skin’s protective lipid layer, which helps your skin retain water and stay soft and smooth, so stick to warm water in your shower and you might notice a difference…