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#TakeTheTime To Watch To Cheer, To Care

#TakeTheTime To Watch, To Cheer, To Care

Sports have the power to draw deeper connections between dads and their children. That’s why this basketball season, along with our proud partner the Toronto Raptors, Dove Men+Care is encouraging families to #TakeTheTime to bond over basketball.

Celebrating Care Through Sports


Dove Men + Care believes that real strength is shown through the care you give to the people that matter.


Whether it’s passing on traditions, keeping superstitions or even overcoming adversity—sports can help bring families closer together and make memories that last a lifetime.


To encourage more families to #TakeTheTime to bond over sports, we’re celebrating dads who have experienced these special moments of care with their kids by cheering on the Toronto Raptors.


While each family’s story is unique, the common theme of driving deeper bonds with their children is represented in them all. We hope that by celebrating these heartwarming stories from around Canada, more and more dads will #TakeTheTime to bond with their children through basketball or anything else that brings them closer together.


Explore Their Stories Below