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Dove Hair oil

Hair oil

Hair oils are the superheroes of the hair world: one of the most versatile, beneficial hair products you can get your hands on to detangle, protect, treat and add shine. 

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For thousands of years, women have been mystified and delighted by the power of oils as a beauty ingredient, so it’s no wonder hair oils are so popular. They can transform hair, leaving it feeling smooth, soft and protected. 

Think oil equals greasy? Think again. Made with naturally sourced oils, Dove dry oils leave hair with a silky, feather-light finish and no greasiness. It’s also a simple addition to your hair care routine. Try applying it as a pre-wash hair oil treatment or mix it with a conditioner or mask. Applied to damp locks post-wash, hair oil can help protect from the damage of heat styling. 

Find out more about these wonder products and useful tips below.

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Dove How to treat dry hair

How to treat dry hair

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