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Dove Damaged hair repair

Treatments and conditioners for damaged hair

Treating damaged hair is all about choosing the right products for hair nourishment. Adjust your everyday routine to include a special conditioner for damaged hair to help restore your crowning glory.

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Ever worried about the state of your hair? You’re not the only one. In fact, 84% of women* around the world have told us they’re dissatisfied with their hair’s condition, too. The truth is, all the fun stuff we love so much – colouring and styling tools to name a few – aren’t so fun for our hair, and along with general wear and tear, they can take their toll. So it’s reassuring to know that good conditioners can turn damage around. They work both on the surface of the hair and deep down to nourish and strengthen it against breakage, eliminating signs of damage and protecting you from it in the future.


So don’t waste any more of your precious time stressing about frazzled locks: just leave the hard work to our treatments and conditioners for damaged hair and welcome back nourished hair you can be proud of.


*Research taken from Dove Core 14 report

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