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Baby Dove Calming Nights Tip to Toe Wash

Hypoallergenic and tear-free, this baby bath wash has a calming scent of warm milk and chamomile for a soothing bath before bed that nourishes skin overnight.

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• Bedtime baby bath wash with warm milk* and chamomile scent
• Calms baby and helps maintain moisture overnight
• Made with 100% skin-natural nutrients** for delicate baby skin
• Caring, tear-free, hypoallergenic formulas without dyes, parabens, phthalates or sulfates
• Ophthalmologist, dermatologist and paediatrician-tested 
• Rich and creamy lather leaves skin feeling clean and soft
Looking for ways to help baby sleep through the night? For experts and real parents, the key is sticking to a routine – a warm bath followed by a gentle massage can be key to your baby sleep routine. Adding a baby body wash with a calming scent to their bath before bed is a fun way to customise your nightly routine. Baby Dove Calming Nights Tip to Toe Wash, one of our night-time baby products, also nourishes their delicate skin and helps maintain moisture overnight. 

With a calming scent of warm milk* and chamomile, this baby bath wash combines 100% skin-natural nutrients** with gentle cleansers, to keep baby’s skin looking healthy and nourished. This formula goes beyond mildness to help replenish essential moisture and nutrients often lost during bathing. Tear-free and hypoallergenic with a comforting fragrance, your little one is left clean, calm and ready for bed.

*This product does not contain dairy
**Our nutrients are identical to those naturally found in skin
Aqua, Glycerin, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Sodium Methyl Lauroyl Taurate, Caprylyl Glycol, Sodium Benzoate, Parfum, Stearic Acid, Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer, Citric Acid, Tetrasodium EDTA.
Ingredients correct at time of publishing. Always check product packaging.
• Winding down at bedtime
A bath before bed followed by a gentle massage can be key to your baby sleep routine, encouraging a more restful sleep

• Baby-soft skin
Hypoallergenic and tear-free, this tip to toe wash has been ophthalmologist, dermatologist and paediatrician-tested. So even with its rich and creamy lather leaving your baby’s skin clean and soft, you should have no tears before bedtime

• Soothing baths
With a comforting scent of warm milk* and chamomile, this calming baby bath wash can help you create a relaxing bathtime routine for you and your baby

*This product does not contain dairy
First, wet your baby’s hair and skin with warm water. Put a little of the baby bath wash into your hands or on a wash cloth, and gently wash their hair and skin. Follow with Baby Dove Calming Nights Lotion to nourish your little one’s delicate skin overnight.
Bathtime is a great addition to your regular baby sleep routine and an opportunity to help your baby wind down before bed. To avoid exciting them too late in the day, try singing lullabies or telling stories – and leave their favourite bath toys for another time.