Baby Dove Parenting your way

Parenting takes time and lots of patience

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    Evan, dad and Baby Dove scientist:

    “Everyone is different, so do your own thing and trust your gut… Once we started doing our own thing, it made parenting much less stressful.”

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    Andy, dad of one:

    “It’s natural to sometimes feel alone as parents, so try to support each other. Each night, we share our moments of the day, learning from them to make things better next time.”

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    Carla, mom and Baby Dove scientist:

    “I try not to get pressured by things I read or what other mums are saying or doing… I just focus on what I need to do for my kids and trust my intuition.”

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    Dr Dina, mom of four:

    “Of course listening to others and their experiences and advice can be helpful but it really should be your own gut and intuition that guides your own parenting.”

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    Charlie, dad of two:

    “You are exhausted as a parent, mom or dad, but remembering time for yourself to keep fit and healthy will help you maintain energy and a good bit of perspective too. It’s ultimately what works well for you and the kids – as long as that keeps them safe and healthy then it’s the right way for you and it doesn’t matter what others think.”

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    Camila, new mom and Dove marketer:

    “Before becoming a parent, I had an idea of what kind of mother I wanted to be, with rules and behaviours. But, when the real thing happened, I discovered a new person in me. I was doing things in a completely different way than what I expected – the experience is so different from the expectation.”

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