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Baby Dove Baby products to the test

Testing Baby Products

As a parent, you often test baby products to make sure they’re just right for your little one. Is their bathwater too hot? Is their baby swing harness tight enough? Are their toys safe? Is their diaper secure?

With Baby Dove, you can be confident that we’ve already done the all-important baby products testing for you. In addition to being pediatrician, ophthalmologist, and dermatologist-tested, our scientists – many of whom are parents themselves – thoroughly test and try out every product to ensure each one gently cares for and protects even the most delicate baby skin.

From baby wash to lotion, our scientists are there to make every Baby Dove formulation as gentle as possible. “All products undergo hypoallergenic testing and all products are pediatrician and dermatologist-tested,” says Kimberley Day, a scientist on the Baby Dove Research and Development team. “Baby products are given to parents and babies to use under normal use conditions: parents use products, fill out questionnaires, look at their babies’ skin and then bring their babies in to be tested by pediatricians.”

Our skincare experts understand the unique needs of babies’ skin. As well as carefully testing baby products in the lab, many – like Baby Dove scientist Carla will try them out on themselves and their babies to make sure each one is effective, extra-mild and gentle enough to use.

Another one of our scientists always keen to self-test is Evan, a dad of two.