Baby Dove how baby skin is different

6 ways baby skin is different to yours

  • 1
    Baby skin has a higher pH.

    Sharing a bath is a great way to bond with your baby, but you might want to get them their own baby wash instead of sharing your products. “That’s because delicate baby skin needs gentler substances than adults’ skin,” explains pediatric dermatologist and mom of one Dr Kerstin. “If using soap, try products that have a pH close to their skin’s natural level,” she suggests

  • 2
    Baby skin loses moisture at bathtime.

    Moisture is important to keep baby skin healthy – it loses moisture much faster than yours. You can start putting it back before they’re even out of the bath with our Rich Moisture Baby Bar. It’s gentler and more nourishing than ordinary baby soap

  • 3
    Baby skin needs constant moisture.

    As delicate baby skin loses moisture so easily, it’s not surprising if you want your baby lotion to keep them comfortable for as long as possible. Our Rich Moisture Baby Lotion moisturizes throughout the day

  • 4
    Baby bottoms are delicate.

    "Your baby's bottom may be smaller than yours, but it generally needs more care. Damp diapers make baby skin more susceptible to irritation, so try using a barrier cream for protection and instant comfort"

  • 5
    Tear-free is best.

    Your skin might be different to your baby’s, but your eyes are the same: they’ll sting when some bath products get in there. But tear-free shampoos tested by ophthalmologists, such as our Rich Moisture Baby Shampoo, should prevent that problem

  • 6
    Baby’s scalp is sensitive.

    Your scalp can put up with a lot when you’re drying your hair, but your baby’s is sensitive. Try to protect it, like wrapping them in a hooded towel, which will soak up moisture – and make them look pretty cute, too