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Baby Dove Plastic Free Wipes

Our plastic free baby wipes: for you, your baby and the planet

As a parent, it can feel like you go through hundreds of baby wipes a week – but do you know what goes into them? Regular wipes are made with more plastic fibers than you may think and can be damaging to the planet. As part of our mission to help reduce plastic waste, we’ve made sustainable wipes using soft, 100% plant-based and plastic-free fibers. Read on to find out how this fuss-free essential cares for your baby’s sensitive skin, and our world.

Kind for the planet

You might be surprised to hear what goes into ordinary baby wipes. Some fabrics can be made of up to 40-80% plastic – that’s the equivalent of eight plastic shopping bags per pack of wipes*! We’ve made plastic-free baby wipes to give you an effective alternative without compromising on care. With 100% plant-based and plastic-free fibers, this soft fabric gives a gentle touch for delicate skin; effectively cleansing with every wipe. And with our signature formula, this plant-based alternative gives the same mild skin care.

*Compared to wipes with 40% plastic fibers and based on 5g shopping bags


Gentle for your baby

Looking for sustainable baby wipes that do not compromise on ease or effectiveness? Made with naturally derived moisturize 100% plant-based fibers, these plastic-free wipes gently cleanse to leave your baby’s skin instantly moisturized and soft. Plus, these fragrance-free wipes are as gentle as water – ideal for sensitive and even newborn skin. Free from parabens, phthalate, dye, alcohol, our formula goes beyond mildness to care for your little one.

Easy for you

Through changing time, mealtime, play time, snack time – baby wipes are a life-saver all day, every day. Whether you didn’t realize the negative impact regular wipes can have  or are looking for an alternative that’s better for the planet, we’ve made plastic-free baby wipes to help care for your little one and the planet.