Dove Real Cost of Beauty campaign

What is the cost of toxic beauty standards?

New research from Dove reveals that appearance hate and discrimination caused by toxic beauty standards is a public health crisis that costs Americans more than $500 billion per year*.

The Real Cost of Beauty: A Dove Film

Body dissatsifaction and appearance-based discrimination cost young people their self-esteem and their health – and can even cost their lives. Dove invited them to share their stories.

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Pennie's story

"I was severely bullied in school because of my weight. I was called horrible names, and I would get picked last for sports teams. If I told people I was trying out for something, they would laugh at me.”

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Meet the young people affected by appearance hate

Dove Read The Real Cost of Beauty Ideals Report

Discover The Real Cost of Beauty Report

Discover the real cost of body dissatisfaction and appearance-based discrimination in the ‘Real Cost of Beauty Ideals’ – a groundbreaking new report from Dove.*

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