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Stand up for #KidsOnlineSafety

8 in 10 youth mental health specialists say social media is fueling a mental health crisis.* Join us on our mission to make social media a more positive place by taking a stand against its harmful design, so that platforms can be safer for kids.

Cost of Beauty: A Dove Film

Our film explores the real-life consequences of harmful beauty content on the lives and wellbeing of young people like Mary, set to the song “You Are So Beautiful” performed by Self Esteem.**

Dove Campaign for Kids Online Safety
Dove #KidsOnlineSafety

We’re taking action for #KidsOnlineSafety

The Dove Self-Esteem Project is partnering with Common Sense Media and Parents Together Action  to advance the forthcoming 2023 revision of the Kids Online Safety Act, supporting design standards and safeguards to protect kids online, with the understanding that meaningful updates are being made to the 2022 proposed legislation addressing concerns raised by LGBTQ+ advocacy organizations. Join Dove to help make social media a safer experience for kids.

A Call for Kids' Online Safety: A Dove Forum for Change

GirlCollective Facebook Group

We’re taking action for #KidsOnlineSafety

The Dove Self- Esteem Project is partnering with Common Sense Media and Parents Together Action to advance the Kids Online Safety Act,  supporting design standards and safeguarding to protect kids online. Join Dove to help make social media a healthier, safer experience for kids.

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