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Choosing the best moisturizer for dry skin

Explore our range of moisturizer for dry skin and bring dehydrated skin back to its radiant, smooth, healthy-looking best.

We all suffer from dry skin now and again. Maybe it’s because it’s cold. Maybe your soap is stripping away your skin’s protective oils. Or maybe you just have naturally dry skin. Whatever the reason, dry  our skin is bound to be dry at some point, which is why having the best moisturizer for dry skin in your beauty arsenal is a good idea.

So what are you looking for? Well, you want something that helps to restore the moisture your skin’s lacking, but doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy or oily. Dove body lotions do just that, with indulgent, rich creams that leave skin feeling beautifully pampered, warmly fragrant and velvety soft. With us, dry skin doesn’t stand a chance.

Explore our products below, along with some of our best advice on beating dry skin.

Explore our dry skin moisturizing products

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