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Dove Amplified Textures

Dove Amplified Textures

Dove Amplified Textures enhances the natural beauty of curls, coils and waves. From shampoo for curly hair to finishing gels, it has texture hair products for every curl, coil or wave.

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Bringing out the best in your hair’s texture has never been easier. With Dove Amplified Textures range, you can embrace your natural and unique texture and give your hair an extra dose of care with every wash.

Made with our Moisture Amplifying Blend, Dove Amplified Textures gives your hair nourishment and care. Plus, every product is infused with customized natural ingredients like honey, jojoba, aloe and coconut oil, to deliver maximum moisture and care for every hair type.

So, what’s not to love? Whether you have coils, curls, or waves, discover the range below and give your hair the unique moisture-amplifying nourishment it deserves.

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