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More from Dove DermaSeries
More from Dove DermaSeries

More from Dove DermaSeries

Your skin care journey starts here.

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If you’re living with very dry skin or skin conditions, we’ve got your back. We’re here to help you give your skin the care it needs, so you can feel great. By developing formulas with ingredients to help balance your body and mind, we’re on a mission to help you make peace with your skin. And we know true care means going deeper below the surface too – so we’re on a mission to raise skin condition awareness and share expert self-care advice so you can feel your beautiful best ­– inside out. Explore our tips and meet the Dove DermaSeries community below. 

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Skin condition tips

Getting to know the skin-mind cycle: the power of positivity
Find positive affirmation tips from women living with skin conditions
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Rebecca’s skin journey: soothing my eczema
Discover Rebecca’s top tips on caring for eczema and very dry skin
Dry skin relief care tips to take you through the seasons
Dry skin relief through the seasons: tips from women living with skin conditions
5 reasons very dry skin will love you for using night cream
Night-time is skin time: discover our top benefits of night cream
An expert guide to caring for very dry skin conditions
Want to know the science behind caring for very dry skin? We ask our experts
Dove DermaSeries: how to care for very dry, flaky skin
Skin expert: Dr Reena on the power of your mind

Between putting together the right routine and tracking down triggers: living with psoriasis, eczema or very dry skin has its challenges. We’ve got your dry skin care routine down, and senior clinical psychologist Dr Reena Shah is here to help trace your triggers. A specialist in the link between mind and skin, Dr Reena explains why and how – to treat dry skin – your wellbeing is just as important as what’s on your bathroom shelf.  

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