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Dove DermaSeries: dry skin relief for day and night

Dry skin relief for day and night

Different formulas, the same clinical care: give your facial skin the specialized care it needs at morning and night with our hypoallergenic face moisturizer with SPF and night face cream.

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From facing the sun’s rays to landing on your pillow at night, facial skin works harder than you might think, and this can lead to flare-ups. With Dove DermaSeries you can give very dry, flaky skin long-lasting care, 24/7.

Kick off your skin care day shift with Dove DermaSeries face cream. Combining stearic acid and glycerin, Dove DermaSeries face cream helps to soften and smooth very dry, itchy skin on face. And with broad-spectrum SPF 15, skin is left protected and nourished for up to 12 hours – all while it works to restore your skin’s natural protective barrier over time.

When you’re ready for your bedtime ritual, it’s time for Dove DermaSeries overnight face cream. Rich in shea butter and glycerin, the creamy night-time moisturizer melts into skin and helps form a barrier to hold in moisture. All that’s left for you to do is get a peaceful sleep – then wake up to visibly softer and touchably smooth skin. 

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