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Looking for a dry spray antiperspirant that keeps you feeling fresh all day long? Choose Dove for the long-lasting sweat protection and care you deserve.

Get an all-day confidence boost with Dove antiperspirant spray. It delivers long-lasting sweat protection and the freshest fragrances around, so you can start your day right. Spraying on instantly dry, our dry spray gives you that immediate fresh feel without leaving any residue. 

Made to care for underarms, our moisturizing antiperspirant formulas are kind to skin, with ¼ moisturizers for soft, smooth underarms. Plus, the 0% alcohol (ethanol) formula helps your skin recover from underarm irritation.   

Dove dry spray antiperspirants help keep you feeling fresh all day, with a range of beautiful fragrances to give you a boost every morning. Choose from scents like refreshing Cucumber & Green Tea, fruity  Passionfruit & Lemongrass and soothing Coconut & Sandalwood. 

Pick your favorite scent in our dry spray antiperspirant below. 

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