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Dove Dry Serum Antiperspirant

Dry Serum Antiperspirant

Dove Dry Serum Antiperspirant – the first-ever dry serum antiperspirant deodorant with a sheer, ultra-lightweight formula that absorbs instantly, leaving skin dry-to-the-touch.

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This unique antiperspirant provides up to 48-hour protection, plus it glides onto skin with a luxurious texture. Dove Dry Serum is a treat for delicate underarm skin – effortlessly elevating your daily routine.

Available in three sophisticated fragrances: Rose Silk, Jasmine Touch and Powder Finish

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Dove Dry Serum Launch Event

Check out our Dove Dry Serum Launch Event in LA, featuring various sense-stimulating beauty and wellness activities, inspired by Dove Dry Serum. We were thrilled to have Celebrity Esthetician, Shani Darden, and various beauty and fragrance experts join us!

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