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Soothing Care

Soothing Care

Our Soothing Care range includes nourishes and replenishes sensitive skin with a light and creamy lather that’s gentle on the face and body.

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With sensitive skin, getting an ideal shower experience might seem out of reach. Effective cleansing often comes at the expense of gentleness and care. Rich lather and fragrance often comes at the expense of harsher ingredients. But with the NEW Dove Soothing Care, you don’t have to choose.

Soothing Care gives your skin the satisfaction it craves – all with light, creamy textures and a soft, herbal fragrance to satisfy your senses with every shower, so you no longer have to make difficult tradeoffs. Proven on sensitive skin with 100% gentle cleansers, this collection has a calming and hypoallergenic herbal-floral fragrance.

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