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Baby Dove Ultra-Gentle Foaming Wash

There’s something for every little one in our Ultra-Gentle Foaming Wash range. Whether it’s your baby’s first bath or you want to entertain your tot in the tub, our Ultra-Gentle Foaming Wash makes bath time routine a precious sensorial moment. 

Meet our Ultra-Gentle Foaming Wash collection. The range features three baby body washes that complement bath time rituals, gently cleansing and encouraging playful sensory fun - all while nurturing and preventing dryness to delicate baby skin. 

Lovingly made with 100% skin-natural nutrients, which are identical to those naturally found in skin, and withoutsulfates, parabens, dyes or phthalates, each hypoallergenic baby wash helps replenish skin essential nutrients that baby’s skin can lose during bath time to help skin retain its natural moisture.

Encourage a peaceful slumber with a warm bedtime bath routine for babies, followed by a gentle massage.  We know a soothing scent can help baby wind down at bedtime, which is why we've formulated Baby Dove Calming Moisture Ultra-Gentle Foaming Wash with a calming chamomile aroma, while gently cleansing their delicate skin. Or pick  Baby Dove Melanin-Rich Skin Nourishment instant foaming body wash with its nourishing formula made with  almond oil, calendula and chamomile and designed for melanin-rich skin. This caring formula helps prevent dryness and  replenishes skin-essential nutrients to lock in natural moisture.   If your little one has sensitive skin or you’re looking for products for baby eczema-prone skin, reach for Baby Dove Ultra-Gentle Fragrance Free Foaming Wash – the fragrance-free baby body wash that leaves delicate baby skin feeling beautifully soft and clean.  

Ready to meet your little one’s new bath time heroes? Discover our Baby Dove Ultra-Gentle Foaming Wash range here. 

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