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Dove Cleansing for dry skin

Your ultimate cleansing routine for dry skin

We all have a bath and shower routine, whether it takes 30 seconds or 30 minutes. But figuring out the right way to care for your exact skin type can be tricky – so who better to offer advice than someone who deals with the same issue? We asked Fiona, a passionate scuba diver who deals with the sun and sea all day, how she’s fine-tuned her routine to make sure her dry skin is cared for. So if you’re trying to work out what’s good for dry skin, explore her tips below and become your own skin care expert.

Fiona: ‘I have very dry skin. My skin doesn’t seem to have changed as I’ve gotten older – but I’ve become more conscious of finding products that suit it.’



‘My morning shower routine takes me about 20 minutes. I body cleanse with a body wash for dry skin, and use a shower puff every two or three days to exfoliate. Once I’m out of the shower, I use coconut oil to moisturise.’

Our ultimate cleansing tip:

Extra nourishment is a must for dry skin, so moisturising is a great way to begin the day. You can start in the shower – switch to the best products for dry skin you can find, like a body wash with ingredients which help to lock in your skin’s moisture. Try Dove Nourishing Secrets Avocado Invigorating Body Wash which can give you softer, smoother skin after just one shower. The refreshing bonus? An invigorating avocado oil and calendula extract scent to revitalise your senses, too.



‘I carry moisturiser everywhere I go – I even get a bit panicky if I’ve forgotten it! My hands can get so dry when I’m out, especially in winter.’

Our ultimate cleansing tip:

Dry skin on hands is often made worse by cold weather, so keeping a moisturiser in your bag or pocket is a good move. It’s not just the cold though. Hand washing throughout the day with soap can also strip your skin of moisture. Try keeping our nourishing Beauty Cream Hand Wash by the sink to wash your hands – it contains ¼ moisturising cream to help nourish hands during cleansing. 



‘My facial skin is very sensitive – there aren’t many products I can use without it feeling tight and itchy. Before bed, I use an un-fragranced facial wipe, water and unscented moisturizer.’ 

Our ultimate cleansing tip:

Getting the order right in your dry skin care routine can work wonders. Instead of in the morning, just before bed is the perfect time to exfoliate. But what to use? Try our Gentle Exfoliating Beauty Bar – it helps to wash away dead skin cells, revealing your naturally radiant, healthy skin beneath. Just want to cleanse away the days dirt? Our Original Beauty Cream Bar is enriched with ¼ moisturising cream, so you’re nourishing your skin as well as cleansing it. Just what your dry skin needs.

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