Dove Care for cracked skin

Skin care tips for your dry skin moments

  • 1
    Moisturise your skin in the shower

    We believe moisturised skin begins in the shower. The first step in practising good skin habits is to cater your routine to your skin’s needs. With seasonal skin changes, there’s a lot to consider, so really take the time to notice any changes in appearance or texture.

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    Apply moisturiser immediately after washing or cleansing

    Wondering what to do about dry skin? That’s where moisturiser comes in. One of our best tips for dehydrated skin is to apply your favourite moisturiser after washing your face or body. That’s because freshly cleansed skin is more likely to absorb the oh-so-nourishing formulas.

  • 3
    Avoid harsh formulas that can dry out your skin

    If you’re tired of searching for how to care for dehydrated skin, then listen up. Keep it simple – choose products that won’t strip your skin's outer layer. All our body washes are sulphate free, making them mild and gentle. In fact, 9 out of 10 women agree Dove body wash is mild and gentle on skin, and 8 out of 10 women agree Dove body wash replenishes moisture to skin.

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    Exfoliate your skin least once a week

    Good skin habits are essential for keeping dry skin nourished. Did you know exfoliation can help buff away any dead skin cells? To keep skin feeling fresh and clean, we recommend exfoliating your skin weekly  with our Gentle Scrub Body Wash. It’s made with a moisturising formula that gently exfoliates and nourishes skin in just one shower. Sounds good, right? Try applying it with a loofah in the shower to help further exfoliation of your skin.

  • 5
    Choose a body lotion that cares for your skin

    ‘How to manage dry skin’ is a question we hear a lot. Our answer? Take your time to find a caring, nourishing formula that’s right for you. If you have very dry skin, try our Body Love Intense Care Body Lotion. If you want to nourish skin and give it a natural-looking glow, our Body Love Care + Radiant Glow Body Lotion is the perfect formula.

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