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Get glowing skin with our ultimate self-tan body mousse

  • Prep for your perfect self-tan
    Prep for your perfect self-tan

    Exfoliation is a self-tan prep step that can help your tan last longer and prevent patchiness, too. Your knees, elbows, ankles, and heels are prone to dryness, which means they usually need some extra attention. If you have time, it’s a good idea to wait 24 hours before using self-tan (so your skin has time to settle down).

  • Skip the moisturiser
    Skip the moisturiser

    Some self-tans can feel quite drying. Not this one. Our gradual tanning mousse is fast-absorbing and keeps skin hydrated for 48 hours, so you can skip the separate moisturiser. Win win.

  • Tan on your terms
    Tan on your terms

    First-time tanner? You're in safe hands. Our Summer Revived Gradual Self-Tan Body Mousse is made with naturally derived tanning agents for a subtle glow that looks the real deal. Fair to Medium builds slowly for sun-kissed skin and Medium to Dark gives bronzed skin, fast. You’ll find more tanning tips here.

  • Glow the distance
    Glow the distance

    Use Summer Revived gradual self-tan mousse daily, then once you’re happy with your level of tan, you can space out your applications and reapply as often as you need to maintain your summery, natural-looking glow. On your ‘non-tanning’ days, replenish with a fast absorbing moisturiser.

  • Get dressed, get glowing
    Get dressed, get glowing

    Forget about staining your clothes; our body mousse is quickly absorbed and contains no guide colour (you don’t need it – it doesn’t leave streaks) so you can just apply, dress and get on with enjoying your day. There’s no need to worry about that infamous biscuit scent either – unlike other self-tans, our mousse has a fresh, sunny, fruity fragrance (because: summer memories).

  • Protect your radiant skin from real rays
    Protect your radiant skin from real rays

    Although it may look like you’ve been spending lots of time in the sun, self-tan does not offer any sun protection so remember to protect your skin with sunscreen if you’re spending time outdoors. A final top tip: if anyone asks if you’ve been away, just smile and say you were on a ‘Summer (Revived) staycation’.

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