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Opening up, listening to others and sharing stories helps us feel supported, uplifted and understood. We’ve partnered with Refinery29 to bring you a series of virtual heart-to-heart stories.

Connecting like-minded individuals to talk about everything from beauty and positive body image to representation and female activism, each heart-to-heart celebrates the powerful connections and lessons that can be learned from talking honestly about our journeys and experiences.

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Hair Power: Me and My Afro

Hair Power: Me and My Afro

Introducing ‘Hair Power: Me and My Afro’ – a Black History Month documentary about hair, beauty and the Black experience in Britain – by Channel 4 and Pulse Films, co-founded by Dove and Unilever Entertainment.

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We're partnering with Getty Images and Girlgaze – and you – to create a more inclusive, diverse and positive beauty experience for all women, girls and non-binary individuals.